6 reasons why I love Wondfo OPKs

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I love wondfo OPKs (AKA internet cheapies)!

Welcome to the wonderful world of trying to conceive (TTC). Were we speak a different language full of acronyms that only the world of baby seeking mamas understand.

If you have found yourself here in your journey, you are probably aware of Wondfo OPKs.

Wondfo is a brand name for an ovulation prediction kit (OPK). There are many types OPKs. Wondfo falls under the category of internet cheapy.

Internet cheapies are OPKs ordered off of websites like amazon. They come in a multi bulk pack and are cheap compared to regular store bought brands. Favoured with the trying to conceive (TTC) community, they’re chosen often by those frequent testing kind of gals.

Now lets talk about Wondfo OPKS!

Along with a new language learned, I am sure you have come across tips, apps, adjuncts, and other tips of the trade. A powerful tool when it comes to successfully conceiving is the ovulation prediction kit (OPK)

OPKs are a chemical testing strip you dip in your urine to help you detect your luteinizing hormone (LH) surge. Knowing your LH surge helps you determine when you ovulate and when you are most fertile. LH usually occurs 24 -48 hours before you ovulate.

wondfo Ovulation test strips

When to test:

Ideally collect your urine in the afternoon when concentration of LH is the most highest. I test 2-3 times a day as I get closer as to not miss my LH surge. I notice for me it’s quite short.

6 reasons why I love Wondfo OPKs

  1. They are cheap! I love my Wondfo because I can order them right to my house, they arrive in two days and they are no where near as expensive as the ones I get at my local drug store which sells Clear Blue OPK 21 for $65 dollars.
    I get 50 Wondfo test strips for $19 dollars free shipping. With so many strips I don’t hesitate to test multiple times a day
  2. I got pregnant with my son using Wondfos
  3. They are accurate – I have never never missed an ovulation using them
  4. They are easy to use and discrete. All I need is a bathroom and are minimal mess and garbage
  5. They are easy to compare the colour change. See an example in this Wondfo OPK progression below
  6. They can indicate if somethings wrong. If you dont see a surge it could mean you have an underlying fertility problem you should see your doctor about
Wondfo ovulation OPK Progression
Wondfo OPK Progression

I wish you luck in achieving your VFL and BFP from the perfect BD with your DH ­čśë

How is that for secret language!

More about OPK LH hormone progression tracking´╗┐

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