Diaper Stockpiling – 7 Money saving Tips

diaper stockpile

Diaper Stockpiling 101

Diaper stockpiling can be a great resource. Having diapers pre-purchased can be one less cost to worry about after the baby is born.

Diaper Stockpiling is a helpful part of financial planning for the new baby. In the event of income decreasing when the baby is born, its wise to have a reserve of diaper.

To maintain a large supply of stockpiled diapers means there will be no worrying about running out.

After researching diaper stockpiling, a big takeaway was that all babies are very different when it comes to diaper style and size. Be aware of overstocking when it comes to purchasing.

I grew my stockpile by buying what was on sale and collecting all diapers gifted to me. I didn’t mind if I had too many diapers, as I planned to use the spares for my next babies. Any extra diapers I am left with I can give away or donate them to other new moms.

diaper stockpiling chart

How many newborn size diapers to buy?

My baby boy was born a small 6lbs 10ounces and weighted 6lbs at a week old. I went through more newborn size diapers than I thought I would have needed, finishing all the newborn size diapers in my stockpile very quickly. Because of this I ended up having to buy two extra big boxes of the newborn size before moving to size 1s.

Being a new mom learning when to change him was a lot guess work. It was a lot of trial and error. I changed him way more often than he needed! If I saw even a tiny bit of change in the blue line (soiled indicator), he would get changed. With that said, newborns do pee more than older babies and need their diapers changed often to avoid diaper rash. Nevertheless I changed him way more often then I needed to.

After about 300 newborn diapers we moved up to size 1. After staying a while at size 1, about 260 diapers, we then moved up to size 2. We spent the shortest time in size 2s, then jumped to size 3. At six months he can still fit into size 2s ok, but to get us through the night without leaks and in case he has a larger BM size 3s are a better fit. Diaper size, style, and brand preference are pretty much trial and error and different for every baby.

diaper stockpile
A fraction of my diaper stockpile

Which diaper brands are best?

I have used a total of 4 different style and bands of diapers and am not apposed to trying new brands. In fact I would even try off label diaper brands. And so for now I can recommend what worked for me so far.


In my opinion, Huggies tend to be a snugger, smaller, narrow fitting diaper. The leg holes seems to be a tighter fit than other brands. Huggies are decorate with characters, colour, and design.

I do notice a wet line indicator to show when the diaper has had moisture contact. However the wet line indicator does not stand out as well as other brands.

Pampers Swaddlers

I prefer the Pampers Swaddlers over any other brand I have tried. They are plain white in colour with minimal cartoons and design on the diaper. This plain design enables the colour change line to be clearly visible. They do have a looser, larger fit in general, but I have not had any blow outs while using them. My baby is skinny and short with thinner legs, and even being lean they fit him the best.

I have had very minimal leaks. Notably any leaks I have had has been due to my own error with putting the diaper on. Not changing the diaper through a night of heavy soiling can also cause leaking. The Pampers Swaddlers control smell well.

Pampers pure

Pampers Pure are pretty much fit like the Swaddlers but made for sensitive babies.

Like Swaddlers, Pampers pure are are plain in colour, and show the wet indicator clearly. My biggest complaint is since they are additive and scent free, they smell quite bad when soiled. This is because they are scent free and additive and scent free.

These diapers would be great for babies who do not tolerate regular diapers.

Pampers baby Dry

Pampers Baby Dry are great diapers, they fit just a tad snugger than the Swaddlers. These diapers are the best for odour control, but I can’t tell if they are wet by just looking as they are very design and colour heavy. They do a great job at fitting well if you like pampers but prefer a snugger fit

7 Tips for diaper stockpiling

  1. Find coupons in store, online through coupon apps, signing up for newsletters and clubs on brand websites
  2. Use coupons in combination with in-store loyalty points and programs to add up the discount
  3. At your baby shower have a “Diaper Raffle”. This gives your guests a little attention too. Each guest can bring wipes or diapers in exchange for a ticket to win a big ticket prize. Prize ideas can includes gift baskets, electronic items, restaurant gift cards, the ideas can be endless. Diaper raffles are real crowd pleasers and before you know it you will have a large stockpile in no time.
  4. Download apps that give rewards like the pampers app (redeem points for toys, coupons, baby supplies)
  5. Diaper stockpiling can take up a lot of room so prepare to have room and storage for the boxes
  6. Some stores let you exchange unopened boxes so if your baby goes up a size and no longer have use for a smaller sized box (Walmart)
  7. Have the baby’s dads’ friends throw him a “Diaper Party.” Its like a shower, but for guys only. Instead of shower gifts, they bring a box of diapers. This is a great way to get a stack of free diapers. My husband had a diaper party and he came home with 12 boxes!

Diapers Needed per size for one year

diaper stockpile list
Diaper Stockpile list

Diaper Party/ Shower wreath
Diaper Party/ Shower wreath

How many wipes to stockpile?

I purchased a lot of wipes, over 15,000. To my surprise, I don’t go through as many wipes as I thought I would. On average my son usually poops once every 1- 2 days. Which means we really do not go through many. I’m sure if I had a girl, I would be using more wipes, so like diapers, it’s a very individual thing.

As for the best wipes? Huggies are my wipe of choice. They are strong and moist. As they are so much thicker, I end up having to use less of them than the pampers brand. Pampers wipes (both unscented, and sensitive) are not as strong, thick, or moist as the Huggies brand.

Do baby wipes dry out?

As good as the Huggies brand wipes are, the baby wipes will dry out if not left sealed. This goes for all wet wipes. I prefer the Huggies tub for dispensing wipes and keeping them moist longer once opened.

Even sealed wipes can dry out over time, and they have an expiry on the box. If wipes are too dry, a bit of sterile water added to them will moisten them up again and extend usage.

do baby wipes dry out tub
3$ Huggies baby wipes box, the best investment for fresh wipes

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