Diary: Weeks 1-5 TTC Twins prep

TTC twin prep diary

Weigh-in for TTC twins prep weeks 1-5

Week 1 Pre-pregnancy I was at my healthiest 144lbs at 5’8. My BMI was 21.9 which was right in the middle of the healthy range. 5 months postpartum I weigh 188lbs which puts me at a BMI of 28.6, in the overweight range.

Week 2 I have 65 days to get to 164lbs which puts me in the healthy BMI range again at 24.9. That is a 24lbs loss to achieve in 8 weeks. Starting weight a week ago was 188lbs. This morning I weighed-in at 185.9 that is a 2.1 lb loss!

My diet was a bit plain and had no room for snacks between meals if I needed them. So I ended up snacking on honey and carrots and added a bit more to my egg breakfast scramble. This week I will change up my diet plan to add them in. To compensate for the added calories I removed 1 ounce of cheese.

Week 3 Starting weight three weeks ago was 188lbs. Today I had a disappointing weigh-in at 185.5. A .4lb weight-loss. I changed up my diet a bit but the calories are pretty much the same. My baby has been wreaking havoc with my sleep. Lots of night time waking and early mornings

Week 4 Today my total loss is 4.3 lbs! I’m OK with that. Currently I am losing weight at just over a pound a week. My pants are already starting to feel a bit looser, but I still have a long way to go. My new goal is to try to be under 180lbs when I start TTC next month. I will post some before and after photos at the end of this 8 week preparation.

Week 5 Starting weight three weeks ago was 188lbs. Today I weighed in at 182.5lbs. That’s a 5.5 lb loss! Much slower than anticipated this entire fertility prep for weight loss. Making slow and steady none the less.

Exercise for weeks 1-5

Week 1 Goal completed! I worked out 3 times to meet my goal. Swimming, and 2 – 30 minute HIIT videos

Week 2 My HIIT effort, and general workout ability’s limited because I dont have a very supportive bra. So to fix this, I ordered my favourite full support exercise bra by Enell. I nicknamed this bra my bullet proof vest because it supports my full figure. There isn’t any exercise I can’t do with it. I am a 36 E so I need all the support I can get! This bra withstands the force of box jumps, and burpees.

Its comfortable and will help me bring my fitness to the next level. I like the classic full support, and I just ordered the new racer back version of the full support. .

Week 3 I failed majorly at my exercise goals this week. I have only myself to blame. I must kick up the discipline for next week.

Week 4 Swimming session and 30 minutes of HIIT

Week 5 Injured and on antibiotics – no workouts


Week 1 My diet this week includes meats, dairy and vegetables that are known to contain vitamins and other components that will aid in fertility and general health. Calories are 1394 and each meal will be eaten daily for a week.

Featured fertility friendly food

Yams: contain phytoestrogens and progesterone, which stimulate egg release and help treat luteal phase defect

Buckwheat: contains d-chiro-inositol, a compound that improves ovulation

Spinach, peas, chicken, ground beef: are all high in folate. Folate decreases the chances of neural tube defect, and could also increase the probability of multiple ovulation or implantation of more than one egg

Cheese/dairy: insulin-like growth factor (IGF) increases the sensitivity of the ovaries to follicle stimulating hormone, thereby increasing ovulation

Week 2 I am currently enjoying my goats rue tea. Its brewed and kept chilled in the fridge and I drink it cold. It doesn’t have much of a distinct taste to it, and reminds me of a black tea. I’m drinking the goats rue tea because I have had previous issues with low supply when breastfeeding. Goats rue tea is thought to have breast tissue building effects, as well as its claimed to help control weight because of its anti-diabetic properties

Week 4 Carrots were added on my fertility food plan because they are high in beta carotene (vit A). Vit A helps to balance hormones and nourishes the corpus luteum. There has been a couple changes on my diet plan. I have stuck with my diet about 90% of the time. Cheating this week included a couple rice cakes, turkey bacon, and some sashimi.

Week 5 I have stuck with my diet about 80% of the time. Cheating this week included a couple rice cakes, a couple glasses of red wine, and three family dinners. There wont be any changes to the diet this week as I quite enjoy it at the moment and it seems to be working weight-loss wise. I precook all the lunches and dinners and freeze the portions. This helps me stay on track and makes each day easy to stay on course.

TTC Twins diet prep plan

Meal plan week 1 ttc twins
Meal plan week 1
Meal plan week 2
TTC Twins prep Meal plan week 2
Meal plan week 3 ttc twins
Meal plan week 3
Meal plan week 5 and 6 ttc twins
Meal plan week 5 and 6


Weeks 1-5 I have been most disciplined with my TTC twins supplements. I drink two cups of Goats Rue tea daily. I am committed to this breast tissue growth experiment. Fingers crossed I will have a better milk supply next time around. I also think the Goats Rue tea might be decreasing my appetite a bit as I do not go to bed hungry. I wont be taking the tea as I enter my TTC phase next month, so I am trying to get the most out of it until then.

Daily Supplements

2 Cups of Goats Rue tea
5g of Fish oil
2g Folic acid
500g Digestive enzymes
Prenatal vitamin


Weeks 1-5 I was very sick during ovulation time this month. This cycle had me ovulating two days early.  I also seemed to have a high LH surge for a couple days, which is not typical for me. I have been taking lots of ibuprofen, antibiotics, and Tylenol which I think had messed with my temperature charting.

    On a more positive note, I am so excited, in just 12 days I finally start my TTC cycle.  I have given myself until October to have a healthy pregnancy otherwise, because of my age, I’ll go see my doctor to help with fertility. I have no time to waste now.

Cycle Day 13 and 14 ttc twins
Cycle Day 13 and 14 Dollar store OPK

Dollar store OPK showing cycle day 13 and 14. I find dollar store OPKs to be good quality with consistent results. However, even though they are from the dollar store, being a dollar each adds up if you want to see a progression, or use OPKs to track longer cycles. Wondfo type OPKs are way more cheaper and give just as good results.

This is the charting view in the Ovia fertility app. It is quite detailed. and easy to read. The chart view gives a quick glance on everything that happened during your predicted fertility window.

Ovia Fertility app ttc twins
Ovia Fertility app

        I don’t think my temperature charting is quite reliable this month due to me being sick. Also, I wish the app gave the option to determine if protection was used or not. I have been using protection this month as to not have a baby sooner than planned.


It has been a very long and cold winter. I have such cabin fever. Waiting impatiently for spring so I can get out and go for walks and to the park. I started my garden seedlings even though the last frost here happens usually the last week of May. Yes, there is still snow on the ground, but hopefully it will all be all melted by next week. The baby started something new this week. He now sleeps on his stomach. Of course this had me worried sick as “back is best”, but he now sleeps through the night. 11-12 hours. I am now the one waking us up in the mornings. Lets hope this sleeping through the night becomes a regular thing now.

Seedlings and snow
Sunflower and Basil seedlings ttc twins

Week 5 I was in and out of the hospital. A spider bit me leaving an awful infection that needed antibiotics. I did not improve after a couple days and I eventually needed IV antibiotics. I am now feeling better but still not quite 100%. Lots of down time resting and sleeping. Spring feels like its almost here. All the snow has finally melted but I have been pretty much bed ridden with this infection so not able to get outside and enjoy it or get my exercises in. Over the weekend I got my chicken coop put together, all I need now is to find some chickens. Tomorrow I have a baby led feeding class put on by a nutritionist. It should be fun as my little one is currently trying out different purees. No teeth yet however.

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