Growing breast tissue for breastfeeding with the herb goats rue

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Goats rue, also known as Galega officinalis is a herb from the pea family. It’s found growing naturally in the middle east and Europe. High in galegine, it has anti-diabetic qualities. Goats rue also has diuretic qualities.

Goats rue is also is high in phytoestrogens, peganine, luteolin, flavonoids, carnavine, and galegine.

In a previous blog entry I spoke of my difficulties with my extremely low breastmilk supply. I have had previous breast surgeries. And I was born with severe ptosis and asymmetrical breasts.

Later after having my first child, I was diagnosed with lactation failure and insufficient glandular tissue (IGT). It was a very trying time breastfeeding(BF).

As I prep myself to try to conceive in May, I want to do everything I can again to try and exclusively breastfeed.

Currently I am non-lactating, I stopped three months ago. My goal is to build my breast tissue while not pregnant, so I have a better supply for breastfeeding the next time around.

When it came to growing tissue for my supply, Goats Rue is a recommended supplement by my lactation physician.

Goats Rue for growing breasttissue for GIT
Goats Rue Liquid Capsules

Indicated for use by the following women:

  • Breastfeeding women with low milk supply
  • Insufficient glandular tissue
  • Induced lactation for mothers who adopt and want to breastfeed
  • PCOS
  • Breast hypoplasia.

Preparing goats rue tea for breast tissue growth

Consuming goats rues done by tincture, tea, or liquid capsule form.

As for my dosing, I will be drinking goats rue daily until I get pregnant. My ultimate goal is to have a substantial increase in milk supply for future pregnancies. I will do a follow up blog later to go over the results of my experiment.

Goats tea for breast tissue growth protocol

  • Steep tea for ten to fifteen minutes
  • Drink 1 cup 2-3 times per day
Goats Rue Tea to grow breast tissue for breastfeeding low supply

Goats rue online reviews

Jessica Butanda -I tried EVERYTHING, every trick in the book… Goat’s Rue was the first thing that I noticed made any difference. I now take Goat’s Rue and the More Milk Special Blend : )

Amanda Nordman -I used Fenugreek and Goat’s Rue. They were my miracle herbs. Then I had to switch to the More Milk Plus because there wasn’t any Goat’s Rue available for so long. It worked too, but it didn’t seem to be quite as effective for me. I’d talk to an IBCLC first, though. Some herbs work better for some women than for others. Mine mentioned something about Goat’s Rue being great for women with tubular breasts (don’t know what that means, though. :-P).

Annie MacGregor- I’m also hypoplastic and have had to supplement with both previous babies, but taking fenugreek, blessed thistle, and domperidone helped. I added the goat’s rue to help boost it that much more and it seems to be helping so far!

More information on supplements for a low breastmilk supply

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