My honest review of Snuza Pico; breathing device for baby

Hi! new mom here, you might have come to my blog as you find yourself sleepless and awake at night worried about SIDs? I was in your shoes until I found a solution gave me just a bit of peace of mind? – The Snuza Pico

Wearable baby breathing monitor

I had the toughest go at motherhood for the first five months of my baby’s life. He was born to never sleep, or so it seemed. One day I bought a Rock and Play and that was the final solution to my endless mommy zombie phase.

The Rock and Play was such a blessing. But incidentally it was also a big worry. In the Rock and Play the baby is not flat on his back. The prenatal class taught me flat on the back is the safest sleep position. The Rock and Play at times was the only place he would sleep. Therefore to help put my mind at ease, I purchased a smart baby monitor, Snuza Pico. The Snuza Pico is a small wearable tech device that’s applied to his diaper to track basic vital signs as he sleeps.

Snuza Pico

Options for baby breathing monitors

There are a couple different monitors on the market for wearable baby monitoring. I ended up choosing the Snuza Pico breathing monitor because of the reviews and price. It was half the price as the Owlet monitor. A major problem that turned me off the Owlet in addition to the price, was the fact people reported it being too big. They reported it not fitting well in the feet of a onesie. My baby was born in October, and so with many months of a cold winter ahead, I didn’t want to have to worry about the Owlet not fitting. Therefore I chose the Snuza Pico.

Snuza Pico is a high-tech Bluetooth baby monitoring device that clips on the baby’s diaper. Its rechargeable and pairs via Bluetooth with a smartphone to the Snuza connect app.

I ordered mine and it came within two day. The packaging was compact, and with it included a quick start user guide and charging cable. It charged it up and within 2 hours its was ready to go!

I used the Snuza Pico from 6 weeks of age to 5 months. I would have started to use it with him earlier as a newborn, but I only found out about it when I was at my wits end and scared to sleep without the added security of the monitor.

Snuza Pico for the added piece of mind

Since my baby was sleeping a lot of the time in a Rock and Play and had bad acid reflux, I used the Snuza Pico as an added measure of peace of mind to have him monitored those moments my eyes were not on him. It was a relief to know his breathing was monitored, and I would be alerted if there was any change in his vital signs. Having the Snuza probably let me get into a deeper sleep than if I had gone without it. I was finally sleeping, rather being half awake all night.

A well rested mom for the win!

The app itself is simple and user-friendly requiring only a product registration and Bluetooth to connect. When opened on the main page, the connect app shows a real time view of temperature, breathing, breaths per minute, and the baby’s position. There are minimum and maximum settings and you have the option to set to your own parameters for vital sign monitoring. The temperature setting lets me know if my baby was too cold ( we get to -40 here in the winter) and also if the baby is too warm and maybe has too many layers on ( we get to +40 here in the summer)

Not a perfect device

Unfortunately , the Snuza Pico is not a perfect device. It could use some refining * note, changes to the app may have taken place after this review.

The clip is a bit finicky by design. I found myself fumbling with it in the middle of the night during diaper changes, but it also didn’t help that I changed my babies diaper about 5 times each night #new mom. I also needed to get a replacement clip, as I snapped off a piece during one of my middle of the night diaper changes. It still worked before the replacement piece but wasn’t as snug as it should have been. I reached out to the Snuza company via Facebook and they sent a replacement to me free of charge. Easy solution!

The company themselves are very easy to get a hold of and respond to questions quickly via their Facebook page promptly.

The Snuza monitor also has a small blinking LED light that is not able to be turned off. This light serves as a visual confirmation that the Snuza is working and blinks with the baby’s respirations.

Baby wearing the Snuza Pico
Baby wearing the Snuza Pico

And finally, only one user at a time can access and get notifications from the app.

Snuza Pico app dashboard
Snuza Pico app dashboard

I stopped using the Snuza when my baby started sleeping in his crib and rolling to his stomach to sleep.

Price wise its on the more economical side for electronic personal baby monitors. Some insurance plans even cover baby breathing monitors so that is something to check with your insurance. My insurance covered it with a doctors note.

I will definitely use it again with my next baby.

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