Top 3 Fertility App Reviews

There are some fantastic free fertility apps that help with tracking ovulation when trying to conceive. The following are my top 3 on my phone right now.

#1 Fertility app

OVIA Fertility


The Ovia Fertility app is very user friendly. I rate it #1 for content and ease of use. It has a nice looking interface, with lots of extra daily articles and features. There is no additional cost or buy in features, which is nice to have full access without spending money.

Ovia fertility app review
Ovia Fertility app features

The information in the app is pertinent to whichever point of your cycle you are in, right to the very cycle day you are on.

The cycle trends page shows top symptoms at a quick glance. It has a monthly trend and an average trend summary for details of each cycle.

Fertility App cycle trend ovia
Cycle Trends

The front page of the app features a fertility overview with cycle stages. The fertility forecast predicts when you are most fertile. I visit this fertility app daily as I approach ovulation and update my OPK results to get more exact future data.

My favourite part of this app is the calendar page which shows the basics of your cycle. As well a future predictive fertile week and future predictive period.

Positive pregnancy Ovia App
Calendar page Ovia App


This app does not spot predict ovulation day in advance on the calendar page, just a fertility window. That said there is an option to input ovulation day on the calendar.

There is also no option to record ferning stages for those who track fertility with an ovulation microscope.

The temperature chart is a bit hidden and tough to find in the app. Its found under the three bar line on the main page titled “more”.

#2 Fertility app

Fertility Friend Mobile

(free version)


Fertility Friends graphs are basic and easy to read. The temperature chart is very concise. There is extra input for data tracking, details about health, and test results. I prefer to interpret my temperature using this app, and when TTC I enter my temperature daily.

The website has historical data. There is also access to archived charts that show what charts look like for different situations. You are able to compare archived charts for TTC within a certain age group, IVF, after a miscarriage, after birth control and more). I spent hours studying these temperature charts to see if there was any relation to how my chart looks. Its fascinating for those that enjoy data interpretation.


A membership is needed for more options like the VIP fertility indicator. That means some features are limited. The app is geared towards temping, and is very basic – no frills.

I have never paid for the membership version of Fertility friend so I can not review the additional features.

#3 Femometer


This app is the latest one I tried. Femometer is one of the most highly rated fertility app on the download page. I am not too sure where the appeal comes from as there is a lot of extra purchasing in the app. That being said, the free content seems well made and the temping chart looks nice and is easy to read and interpret. I like how the calendar predicts ovulation day, and its seems to match my positive OPKs. There is also a lot of in app content and articles. The app seems to be geared to not just TTC, but also preventing pregnancy by fertility awareness. A unique feature of this app is the ability to record unprotected BD vs condom use.


The Femometer app has a fee needed to gain access to certain features, such as ovulation analysis, and OPK test strip recognition. I have not paid for the subscription service to gain access to the extra features. There also seems to be a blue tooth thermometer linked to the app which is an additional purchase.

Fermometer Fertility Tracking App
Fermometer Fertility Tracking App

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