Top 5 Toys for my 5 month old

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Being a first time mom, I had no idea what sort of toys my baby would like and even play with. Here are my top five tried and tested toys that my five month old baby loves, and I love for development and play.

1) Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle and Sensory Teether Toy

My baby loves the Manhattan Toy Rattle He holds it with both hands and chews on the soft rubber. I think he likes the colours and it feels good on his gums. He gazing at it and seems to be thinking hard about all of its loops. I love the fact it keeps him busy and thinking and working on his motor skills! He holds it with both hands, its very light, and can get a sturdy grip on it. It can be refrigerated to help with the pain of teething. Luckily though we are not quite there yet.

The Manhattan Toy Rattle is BPA free so its non-toxic and that is very import to me. It also is battery and lights free, and has a soft sounding rattle in the middle.

Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle and Sensory Teether Toy
Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle and Sensory Teether Toy

2) Tiny LoveMagical Night Mobile and Soother

I found the Tiny LoveMagical Night Mobile through its user rating and recommendations. This mobile came in the mail easy and quick to assemble, and attaches no problem to the side of my babies crib. It has three stages to change with the baby as he grows and develops. It has three different types of music to choose from. Lullaby, classic, and nature and nine songs. The nature sounds is my favourite setting. When the canopy is off it puts a rotating colourful projection of animals on the ceiling. I look forward to this setting when he is a toddler. It takes batteries so its cable free.

I dont use it to put my baby to sleep however because he loves it so much. I use it to keep him busy or consoled. If he is crying and nothing else is consoling him I put him under the mobile and the baby instantly stops crying. It is also useful if I’m on the phone and need him to be quite. He is so mesmerized by the Tiny Lovemagical mobile, and loves the monkey the best!

 Tiny LoveMagical Night Mobile and Soother
Tiny LoveMagical Night Mobile and Soother

3) Mombella Soft Octopus Teether

My five month old baby is always putting his hands in is mouth, chomping away. This happens to be the very first toy he actually put into his mouth all by himself. This teether has a gentle soft brush on each of the tentacles that massages his gums. He was 3 months old when he was able to handle it in his own. The Mombella soft octopus teether is dishwasher and freezer safe, made with non-toxic silicone BPA free.

4) Infantino Pat and Play Water Mat

Tummy time is so important, but my baby is not the biggest fan of it. To encourage it and distract my baby I found this very affordable water mat, and he just loves it. Its inflatable and filled with water making it soft and squishy to the touch. My son loves to press on the floating sea creatures as the move around with his touch. Very interactive affordable toy. Its BPA free, and very sturdy.

My husband enjoys the Infantino Pat and Play mat the best because its quiet! Not filled with bells and whistles and noisy flashy lights. Its great for sensory play.

5) Jolly jumper

Jolly jumpers are rated for babies 3 months and up with good neck control. I had to wait until my baby as 4 1/2 months as he seemed not strong enough for it until then.

The minute I put him in it, it brought me such joy. Initially he stood there, steady.. and then started to bend his legs and do little jumps. Three trys later and he is now a super jumper! It was so cute seeing him confident and jumping.

I chose the Super Stand Jolly Jumper version as, as I liked how mobile it is. This portable unit can be used indoors and outdoors with quick assembly. Its a super fun toy and my five month old with endless energy spends 15-20 minutes in it a day and then needs a nap 🙂 This is the babies top toy.

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