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My first attempt at TTC ended in a chemical pregnancy (CP). I tested positive on a couple pregnancy tests at home, including a digital one. At the confirmation appointment at the doctors office, I tested negative. Confused and shaken, I had no idea why I was getting such blaring big fat positives (BFPs) a week earlier. Now I was getting negative results from the doctors clinic test.

On my way home from the doctors office I picked up another pack of pregnancy tests. I was sure they had got my results wrong. I rushed home to prove them wrong. I took a digital test – it came back negative. I took a couple more First response early response (FRER) tests and they also came back negative. This put me into a state of despair, gutted. How could my pregnancy disappear? I had positive tests earlier that week to prove it! I was left with so many unanswered questions.

Why did it happen to me?

My physician was not able to give me any answers. It was obvious to me that my egg fertilized. It must have implanted and then for some reason the implantation failed. All occurring very early in my pregnancy. Online, I found that this is a chemical pregnancy (CP).

A chemical pregnancy is an early loss that ends before clinical confirmation. With the advent of ultra early and sensitive
Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) tests like First Response Early Response, positive tests appear before the standard urine dip tests used at clinics.

I was recently taken off of my birth control Mirena. So I figured getting pregnant so shortly after, my hormones were not at the right levels.

My egg (blastocyst) embed itself in my endometrium. I made it, conception! My body now started to produce the pregnancy hormone, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG). This was then picked up on the pregnancy tests. Yet, shorty after, something went wrong.

Progesterone is a hormone critical to women’s health. It needed to help support the environment for the blastocyst. If progesterone crashes, is too low, or the luteinizing phase of the cycle is too short, the pregnancy can no longer continue.

Low progesterone is not the only cause for early miscarriages. Other reasons can include: immune system response, other medical problems, infection, uterine abnormalities, physical problems with the mother, or chromosomal abnormalities.

Symptoms of low progesterone

  • miscarriage
  • abnormal periods
  • infertility
  • short lueitenzing phase (time between ovulation and start of menstruation)

Aging can also cause progesterone problems.

Progesterone has many important roles in getting and sustaining pregnancy. It helps to thicken the endometrial lining in preparation for implantation. It prevents the uterus from contracting by relaxing the smooth muscles.

To find out if you do have a progesterone problem, a physician is able to do blood tests to determine your levels. I always encourage those trying to conceive who are having problems to seek out medical advice.

If you do have a short luteal phase (time between ovulation and start of menstruation) or low progesterone, your physician may prescribe you medication for progesterone support.

There is also over the counter medication that some theorize supports progesterone.

Wild Yam Gel

Wild Yam Gel applied to the body, supports progesterone

Progesterone Cream

Progesterone cream, applied to the body. Support progesterone. Available without prescription over the counter. Women with a history of pregnancy loss may seek out this creme for hormone support.

Uses include

  • Progesterone support
  • PCOS
  • TTC
  • Low libido

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