Diary: TTC Twins prep week 6/7

TTC twins prep diary

Health update: Last week I was bit by a spider. This spider bite quickly progressed onto a bad infection needing 4 different antibiotics and hospitalization to finally get it under control. That being said week 6/7 was a bit derailed. The whole experience was incredibly painful, but I feel back to full health today.

Weekly Weigh-in

Today I honestly say that I wanted to quit posting my progress, and not dare step on the scale because of my failure of a week. I pictured a weight gain that would put me past my starting weight. But I gathered the strength to push all my negative thoughts aside and stepped on the scale this morning.

I started this ttc twins prep at 188lbs. Today’s weigh in was 184.2lbs. I was so shocked I had to step on the scale numerous times to make sure it was not a false readout. I am very lucky to weigh-in as low as I did today. Not a major gain for this week despite failing hard. I’m glad I weighed in because now I am more motivated than ever to get back on track.


I was not compliant with last weeks meal plan. I ate excess calories over my BMR on majority of days. So, this week will be a major diet adherence overhaul. I do still quite enjoy all my meals, and so there will be little change other than some added calories. My meal plan makes it very easy to make ahead for convenience. To help me stay on track, I meal prep my chicken, beef, and carbs and freeze them in portions.

TTC Twin diet plan Week 6/7
TTC Twin diet plan Week 6/7


This week there will be no change with daily supplementation.


Today is cycle day 24. I am looking very forward for the next cycle to begin, as that will be cycle 1 of trying to conceive!

Usually my cycle lengths average 30 days, but since ovulation came earlier this month maybe it will shorten my cycle slightly? My whole life I was never concerned with ovulation or keeping track of cycle length. I got pregnant immediately after my Mirena removal, so for me, I don’t have a normal base line totally established. With tracking cycles, there is so much to learn about your own reproductive health. I’m glad that there are now apps and internet for resources and education on this subject that was once very taboo in my life.

Despite the excitement of finally getting to where I want to be for welcoming my next child, I’ve been having some negative thoughts lately. I will be 37 years old in June and that has me second guessing my fertility. There is a lot of negativity about older moms trying to conceive. Fear of loss of egg reserve, poor egg quality, early menopause, increased chances of miscarriage or chromosomal defects due to advanced maternal age. All factors I feel are very real to me. My obstetrician told me not to fear my age and fertility, but I can’t ignore its nagging at the back of my mind.

Life and other randomness:

As mentioned earlier my health was badly impacted by an infected bite last week. The only good thing that came from it was having my husband take two days off work to help me care for the baby as I was on the mend. It was nice to spend time together as a family.

The weather here is still freezing over night and it does occasionally snow during the day. This week the plan is to make a couple garden boxes to grow some vegetables in the back lawn. I have a small berry patch and fruit tree orchard in my yard, so I will be busy with canning and cooking this summer.

It turn out it wasn’t a fluke, or one off, my 6 month old is now finally sleeping through the night. I am almost starting to feel human again. We did attend the baby nutrition class. It was pretty helpful and taught us to regularly introduce new foods for the baby. This week we tried peas and squash for the first time. It was a success. There is nothing this baby wont eat yet.

Here’s to a good next week!

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