Baby Brezza Formula Pro my honest review

Baby Brezza formula pro my honest review

As a first-time mom I had low breastmilk supply issues from the start of nursing my son. After his birth, his weight was dropping and my milk supply never increased despite hours of pumping, nursing, supplements, and even prescription medication.

It was at my sons one week appointment that he was weighted and found to have lost almost a pound since his birth. I was told that he needed to be supplemented with formula until my breastmilk increased.

This started my very unhappy relationship with formula and bottles. I became severely depressed that I was not able to breastfeed exclusively, and now I had to add a mess of bottles, formula, sterile water and a bottle warmer into the mix. This kept me very busy and I was spending all my waking hours nursing, pumping or making bottles or all three at once with the help of my backpack style nursing pump.

I continued this energy draining routine of pumping, nursing and bottle feeding until 2 months when my supply suddenly stopped against my best efforts.

Confronted with the inability to breastfeed I did not picture myself having to fumble with bottle parts, mixing half a dozen bottles, day and night. I will never experience the convenience of milk on demand for him. I now was inconvenienced and felt like a slave to the bottle.

During my struggle, I stumbled across the Brezza Formula Pro in a couples stores, and online. I mostly ignored it scoffing at the machine thinking who would ever need such a thing! But after finding it on sale, curiosity got the better of me, and it had outstanding reviews, so I ordered one. I can’t even imagine now the hours that I have saved myself by not having to measure, mix ,and warm baby bottles. I can not picture life without it now and will never go back to manual mixing again.


The Brezza Formula Pro is about the size of a Kerig instant coffee maker machine and is lightweight and portable. I have mine seating 24/7 on my kitchen counter. The Pro version has five different size settings going up in 2 ounces increments 2,4,6,8, and 10oz. The water vessel holds enough water for 8 six-ounce bottles, and the powder reservoir holds enough formula to make 20 8-ounce bottles. it has a set single heat setting to prepare the bottles at near body temperature, 98 degree.


There is no more measuring out messy formula or mixing troubles. I get consistently mixed bottles without any air bubbles prepared in seconds. it’s a perfect mix every time. In fact the Brezza Formula Pro mixes bottles better than I do as I seem to always gets clumps and air bubbles in my bottles. It mixes almost all types of powdered formula.

This machine is truly a workhorse. It has so far withstood constant use, making 6 bottles a day for the last 5 months. I plan on using the Brezza Formula Pro until my baby is completely done with formula. Its lightweight smooth in design so it is easy to move around and clean the outside of the machine.

Areas for improvement

The Brezza Formula Pro is not without its faults. It does require cleaning of the funnel piece every 5 bottles mixed. The funnel piece slides out and is easy to clean. My machine leaves very minimal build up around the dispenser however, I have read other reviews where people say it’s a problem for them. There is general cleaning and maintenance involved, but that extra step is necessary to use and maintain the unit. There are two versions of the Formula PRO, the latest being the Brezza Formula Pro Advanced. It claims to be compatible with all types of formula, where the Pro version is not.

Another odd thing my machine does is on the 6-ounce setting, I get a 7-ounces bottle of milk consistently

Bottle service for babies

When you depend on formula to feed your baby, the Brezza Formula Pro machine is a very worthy investment. I truly believe it has been one of the best purchases I made. I purchased this unit full price, so this is not a sponsored review. It is my unbiased opinion. I am writing this review so other moms can get an idea about how this machine can impact their lives.

I have the original version, recently a Brezza Formula Pro Advanced version was released. This updated version includes additional features. It was not available for purchase when I bought the original, but If I had the option I would gone with the newer version, the Brezza Formula Pro Advanced, because of its additional options.

The Brezza Formula Pro Advanced goes up in 1 ounce increments and has a digital screen. It also has 3 different temperature setting, compared to just one in the Pro version.

If you supplement your baby with formula full time or part time, I highly encourage this time saving machine. Its well worth the splurge! Definitely put it on your baby registry.

BabyBrezza Formula Pro

BabyBrezza Formula Pro

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