Affordable Feeding Essentials for 6 Month Olds

Baby eating num nums

Yay! We are now celebrating a big milestone. 6 months old. The biggest change this month for us is transitioning to solid foods. There are so many ways to go about this new step in the baby’s life, and there is certainly no end to the amount of money you can spend on baby products. From fancy top of the line baby blenders, to pre-made organic baby food pouches. There are so many ways to introduce food to your baby.

Because of my reduced income being on maternity leave, I want to keep this transition affordable. Making healthy, simple, and time saving choices is my top priority. The ideas below are tips and suggestions that as a new mom I find work best for me and my family.

List of baby feeding essentials

First, I purchased an affordable small Black & Decker food chopper. It performs excellent in grinding foods from purees all the way to larger chunky meals. The ability to puree different consistencies is perfect for when he gets a bit older. The unit has one button to start and stop the blending, and holds up to 1.5 cups worth of food. Its easy to clean, portable, and blends the food in seconds. It costs a fraction of a fancy name brand baby blender but does the same job. .

Furthermore to keep prep time down, I buy a mix of pre-chopped frozen vegetables, and fruit. After selecting the food mix I want the baby to have, the veggies are place them in the blender. The whole pre-made meals left to defrost for a couple hours in the fridge. When ready for a meal its plugged in and ready to go within seconds.

Black & Decker food chopper in particular makes preparing a small meal for him so easy and fast. My favourite quick meal for the baby includes ground beef, peas, and butternut squash. (as seen in photo below)

homeade baby puree baby feeding essentials
Butternut squash and beef in the Black and Decker Food Chopper

Baby feeding essentials food storage

Besides the food chopper, another time saving buy I made were reusable Baby Brezza Easy-Fill pouches. These pouches work particularly great for puree storage.

To prepare, yams, beef, pears, and apples boil in large bathes. Afterwards, I puree them in a large blender. The blended food is then and transfer into the Brezza Easy-fill pouches. They are then put immediately into the freezer. They defrost fast and are ready to go. I like making my own food purees because then I know what the ingredients in each pouch. This keeps added sugars and preservatives out of my baby food.

baby breeza ground beef baby
Baby Brezza Easy-fill pouches with pureed ground beef

Feeding time essential for mess containment

Next, feeding time gets so messy. We are only just learning how a 6-month-old eats. Therefore bib use is a given. It is a must have feeding essential. I have collected a couple different types and styles of bibs, and they are not all the same. Compared to other bibs, my favourites are these soft cloth bibs. They stand out against the others by how much more absorbent they are, and I always grab them first to use at meal times.

Namely these cloth bibs I find are multipurpose. They clean food from the baby’s hand and face quite easily and help me contain the mess. These bibs are soft and washable with a Velcro closure, and have good coverage without being too big. Other bibs do not absorb as well and have snaps that are more to fiddle with.

Baby Bib for feeding essentials
Best baby bib

Baby food storage containers

On the top of my list of affordable baby food essentials are these Petite Creations Baby Cubes. They are containers that hold any type of baby food but specifically puree. They come in a pack of 8, including a space saving stackable storage tray .

These cubes are perfect for homemade purees. They are dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe. The tray has an erasable label area where you can put the “made-on” date in washable pen. That means there is no need to label each separate container.

Another feature I find convenient is the attached lids. No scurrying through the Tupperware cupboard looking for matches. However some moms find the lids pop open in the freezer. To avoid this, cool the pure before put into the freezer. This will avoid the condensation and steam pressure that will pop the lids open when they freeze.

baby puree storage container
Baby puree storage container

Each Petite Creations Baby Cube contain different mLs/ounces of food.

  • 30mLs/1 ounces
  • 70mLs/2 ounces
  • 120mLs/4 ounces

These tiny food portions are perfect for my 6 month old as less foods wasted.

Affordable storage cubes for baby puree

Best affordable baby spoons

In addition to bibs, I have a favourite style of spoon. Of course to keep feeding simple, any spoon works and there are a lot of different baby spoons out there to choose from, but I prefer these Munchkin Soft-Tip infant spoons.

Munchkin Soft Tip spoons are a great value and not lacking in quality. They have a small rounded tip and spoon bowls that are soft, flexible, and gentle on my baby’s gums. They are a prefect design for introducing pureed food.

These infant spoons are easy for my baby to grip as he enjoys feeding himself. I love the long handle to keep my hands clean, and they have that extra reach to get into the bottom of jars and puree pouches. You can put them in the dishwasher and they are BPA free.

baby spoon by munchkin baby feeding essentials

Not quite essential but fun!

This is not an essential, but these Munchkin Fresh Food Feeders sure are fun so I thought I would add it in. The feeder also is very affordable and come in a pack of 2. With an easy to grip handle and my 6-month-old had no problems handling it by himself. They are a mesh teething feeder that allows the baby freedom to gnaw, chew, and suck on different foods safely without the need to worry about them chocking on any big pieces. They have a detachable mesh cage design where food is put in securely. You can put any type of food in the mesh pouch… fruits, veggies, and even meat. The Munchkin Fresh Food feeder is messy, but fun.

Right now, the baby has no teeth, but seems to have teething symptoms for quite some time. I put a couple pieces of frozen fruit or veggies in the Munchkin Fresh Food feeder and he absolutely loves it. Frozen foods feel good on his gums. I put a couple frozen blueberries in (as seen in the photo below) and cleaning was a breeze. It didn’t even stain the mesh as I thought it would. They are BPA free and dishwasher safe. A great way to introduce new flavours.

fresh food feeder baby feeding essentials

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