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TTC prep supplements and medications


  • Bactrim antibiotic

Note: I dropped the additional folic acid for 14 days because I am now taking the medication Bactrim for an infection. Bactrim is a folate synthesis inhibitor. It works by starving the bacteria of folate in order to disrupt the DNA (in the bug causing my infection) so the infection can not continue and the bacteria dies. Because of its mechanism of action being so heavily involved in folate levels, I hypothesis that supra-physiological levels of folic acid will make it harder to heal from this super-bug. And the last thing I want right now is to have this infection not heal and then get prescribed another course of antibiotics.

Dangerous and surprising ways you may be folate deficient

Weekly Weigh-in

Starting weight for my trying to conceive journey was 188lbs. Today I weighed in at 183.4. That’s a 4.6lb loss!

Goal for next week will be hitting a 5lb loss. The weight loss is so much slower than I thought it would be, so now, as long as I am losing at any pace and not gaining that is a success for me. The final goal in the end however is to be in a healthy body mass index range.

Cycle phase

Three days ago, my cycle ended at day 28. Which was 2 days sooner than usual and matched right on point with ovulating 2 days sooner.
Today is cycle day 3, and much like last month, I wont test for ovulation until cycle day 11 and forward.

Diet and Exercise

I am very proud of myself this week. My activity level was definitely kicked up a notch. I did some HIIT, long walks, and lots of heavy lifting around the yard preparing for spring.

This week my diet will remain the same as the previous week as I have been able to keep on track, other than meals I eat with family. This meal plan is enjoyable and the caloric increase really sustains me. I did take a big caloric hit on Easter, but holidays are for enjoying.

Meal prep for week 7

Life and other randomness

If you follow my blog right now was supposed to be the start of my first TTC cycle. I had a major set back last month. The spider bite infection which I thought was over, was not. Despite 4 different antibiotics, the infection was still not getting better. Apparently, the results came back from the lab to show that the staph infection strain (MRSA) was resistant to 4 types of antibiotics. Those 4 types happened to be the antibiotics that were prescribed to me. What a waste of time, but I think I can now officially say I am on the mend.

Thankfully my health is back on track, but now because of the antibiotic I am on, I was advised by my doctor not to try and conceive while taking it this month. She gave me a 14 day supply. 14 days now added to waiting. That wastes this cycle.

I selfishly wanted to outright disregard the Doctors advice to wait, but after some research on the medication and fetal development I quickly smartened up. The medication interferes with folate levels in the body so nothing to take lightly at any stage of fetal development.

I have been planning this prep for weeks and counting down, so of course I was not going to be happy missing this cycle to TTC. But the Doctors right in her advice. Having an infection puts my body in a state at which my immunity is compromised. A compromised body is not one that should be trying to have a healthy baby and healthy pregnancy. My husband is also away for work right at the time I would be ovulating, so even if it was the start of cycle 1, my chances would have been low anyways.

Also my BMI is still in the overweight range, and I don’t want to have another baby while starting this much overweight. That means I now must wait until next cycle. The only good thing about this delay is it gives me more time to get my body in the healthiest shape possible.

To keep busy in the mean time, I got myself some chickens this week that give me fresh eggs daily. They are amazing animals and are so neat to watch peck and forage all day long. Its quite relaxing watching them. The garden also got constructed, and I helped moved 5 tonnes of dirt to fill the plots. Only 5 more weeks until we are frost free. It is going to be a good busy summer.

Fresh free range chicken eggs daily
Fresh free range chicken eggs daily

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