Vitex for twins; why I wont use it to TTC

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Vitex is a shrub like tree also called Chasteberry. The fruit and seeds make up the supplement, which is usually found in pill form. Women take it to help reduce negative menstrual symptom. Vitex is also used to regulate their ovulation and menstrual cycles. You can find the supplement in supplement stores online and at most health food stores.

Vitex is a popular supplement used by women who are trying to conceive. It helps to regulate and lengthen short luteal phase. It is also used by those with problems associated with low progesterone and hyperprolactinemia.

I took Vitex during my first cycle trying to conceive my first child. But I am choosing not to use Vitex this time around. My y goal is to increase the probability of conceiving multiples.

There is a lot of conflicting opinions and anecdotes online about this herb. Its debated whether Vitex has any effect in increasing or decreasing the chance of conceiving multiples.

Why Vitex may not be beneficial for twin conception:

Vitex may have the opposite affect as the fertility drug Clomid has on hormones. It works by balancing hormones. It causes a decrease in follicle stimulating hormone (FSH). And it increases in luteinizing hormone (LH) . Follicle stimulating hormone promotes healthy follicles. Luteinizing hormone supports maturing of the eggs within the follicle.

Decreasing the follicle stimulating hormone (FSM) is the opposite of my goal. Lower FSH does not help to develop multiple follicles that are needed for twins (or more).

Clomid and Vitex taken together counteract each others properties. Thus, the regulating and balancing properties of Vitex counteracts with the Clomid. Vitex would seem to be a herb to avoid if your goal is trying to conceive twins.

Benefit of supplementing with Vitex when trying to conceive:

Clomid is a prescription medication that has anti-estrogen like side effects. The anti-estrogen side effects are like menopause and can cause the cervical mucus to dry up. Decreased lubrication can make the environment to conceive harsher. Cervical mucus (lubrication) is the key to successful conception. It helps support sperm health and survival as they make their way into the Fallopian tubes.

Note: If you are having problems with cervical mucus dryness and are trying to conceive, the lubricant Pre-Seed designed to to help. Pre-Seed is a high quality, pH balanced, isotonic lubricant. Pre-Seeds designed to to mimic cervical mucus.

Preseed fertility lubricant
Pre-seed fertility lubricant

Clomid can also cause the endometrial lining of the uterus to thin, making it harder for the egg to implant. These side effects can make it more difficult to get pregnant than someone who is talking taking Vitex alone.

The Vitex supplement does take about three months to build up in your body. This build up stimulates your pituitary gland to produce a healthy balance of estrogen and progesterone. Once a healthy balance of hormones establishes, it does indeed support ovulation. It also regulates the menstrual cycle. The regulating of hormones thus help women get pregnant for those with hormonal issues.

No doubt it is a valuable and powerful herb for women trying to conceive, but for my goal of twins, not necessarily so helpful.

vitex supplement for fertility
Vitex supplement

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