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colicky baby

A colicky baby is defined as episodes of crying lasting three or more hours, more than three days a week, for over three weeks.  This crying episode occurs in a baby who are otherwise healthy.  Baby colic occurs in approximately 24-40 percent of all babies.

Listed below are 18 questions and answers from a real mom who survived 5 months of sever baby colic, and how she got through it.

Question 1:
How did you know your baby had colic?

Answer: A physician diagnosed my with baby with colic and acid reflux after an ultrasound. The ultrasound ruled out pyloric stenosis as a reason for the vomiting/spit up and fussiness.

Question 2: Any homeopathic herbal remedies work for a colicky baby?

I tried Cocyntal, a homeopathic baby colic relief medicine. Cocyntal is available over the counter. It claims to relieve abdominal pains, cramps, and gas. Its alcohol free and dye free. Notably it is sugar free, unlike Gripe water. Cocyntal’s for babies’ aged 1-6 months.

The ingredients are quite unique:

  • carbo vegetali 5Ch
  • colocynthis 9CH
  • cuprum metallicum 5Ch

Surprisingly, my baby loved taking this medication. Its dispensed in plastic liquid ampules that are easy to squirt into the babies mouth. Most importantly, it did help to sooth him. In fact Cocyntal seemed to work right away and lasted for about 20 minutes of settled baby.

In the end, Cocyntal was more effective than Gripe Water when it came to soothing my colicky baby.

Baby colic remedy homeopathic
Homeopathic remedy Cocyntal for baby colic

Question 3: Is colic dangerous?

In short no, while colic it is not dangerous, any unexplained distress observed with the baby should have a doctor check up. Particularly to rule out other medical causes of the agitation. Medical conditions such as pyloric stenosis can appear like colic. Pyloric stenosis is a serious problem, and may need surgical intervention at  a young age.

Question 4: When does baby colic go away?

My baby’s colic started at 3 weeks of age and went away at 4 months or 18 weeks.

Question 5: How do you stop colic in a bottle fed baby?

Answer: My lactation physician recommended Dr. Browns bottles. These bottles have a vented hood specifically designed to reduce colic, gas and spitting up. After trying many samples types of bottles ( Avent, Tommy Tippee, Playtex) I was most impressed with Dr Browns.

I use the Dr Browns standard bottles. To avoid him preferring the bottle when I was both breastfeeding and bottle feeding, the lactation physician told me to use the preemie size nipple (size “0”).

Then when exclusively bottle feeding I moved up to size one. And then fairly quickly moved to size 2 at 4 months as my baby was a very impatient bottle feeder.

Dr Browns Anti Colic baby bottles
Dr Browns Anti Colic baby bottles

Question 6: Does Gripe Water Help your colicky baby?       

No. the gripe water did nothing for easing my baby’s colic. He did enjoy it though, but I am sure its because of the sugar content. Just look at the ingredients of that stuff!

Question 7: Did your baby with colic cry all the time?

For the most part he would cry every day, usually in the evening for six hours straight.

Question 8: How do you give your baby gripe water?

Some gripe water contain herbal ingredients like fennel and licorice. Its important to note that not all gripe water is the same, so make sure you look at the bottles ingredients.

My gripe water came in a bottle, and was a clear liquid. I would put the recommended dose in a oral syringe and squirt it into his mouth. Sometimes I would put it in a bottle with formula. Another way is to put it in the nipple and give the baby the nipple part only. Lastly sometimes I dipped the soother into the gripe water and he appeared to enjoy that.

Gripe Water homeopathic herbal baby colic relief
Gripe Water homeopathic herbal baby colic relief

Question 9: How do you calm your fussy baby?

Sometimes, in all honestly, nothing I would do soothed the baby. Colic is tough. Occasionally baby wearing was effective. He would fall asleep as I walked around the house. Likewise, a drive in the car seat was effective. Still these tricks did not work 100 percent of the time.

Question 10: How did you help your baby with gas?

Answer: A trick my babies doctor showed me was to have the baby on his back and pushed his legs up and in towards his chest. The baby let out a grunt and a release of gas. It does need a bit of pressure to get the baby to release the gas. I did countless bicycle moves and never got that sort of relive that the doctor was able to get by doing this simple move.

Question 11: How do you get a colicky baby to sleep?

I had a terrible time getting the baby to sleep due to acid reflux. If I laid him down onto his back, he would spit up throughout the night no matter how long he was upright after a feeding.  

Finally, At 5 months he started sleeping through the night without spit up issues.

See my post on how I finally got my baby to sleep.

Question 12: Did your baby fart a lot?

Answer: Gas was a major symptom of  my babies colic

Question 13: Do colic babies fight sleep?

While I am not sure if all babies with colic fight sleep, my baby sure fought sleep every night. It was very difficult putting him down for bed. Especially flat on his back.

Question 14:
What finally cured your colicky baby?

Answer: Time is the only thing that cured my baby’s colic symptoms. However he still had acid reflux after his colic ended. Nothing I purchased was an absolute fix. In the mean time, know that although it seems endless, but the colicky baby phase eventually does end.

Question 15: What formula is best for baby colic or gas?

Answer: My advice is don’t get caught up with switching formulas. Avoid diagnosing your baby with an allergy or sensitivity to milk. If you think your baby needs soy, hypoallergenic, or sensitive formula consult with their physician.

Chances are your baby doesn’t need it. If you are prescribed a particular formula from your physician, good. Use it. But don’t self diagnose your baby to have a “sensitive gut”. Reflux is reflux and it has nothing to do with the type of formula. Although allergy or sensitivity is a problem.

Take it from me. Switching formulas so frequently is hard on their brand new digestive systems. I tired Similac sensitive, Alimentum , and a couple other sensitive hypoallergenic brands. Nothing changed with the colic/reflux . My pediatrician confirmed my baby had colic and reflux, but there was no reason for him to be on anything but a regular formula. I chose Similac Advance because it has a great ingredient list.

Question 16: Did you let your colicky baby cry it out?

Answer: Never. For young babies I do not believe in the cry it out method.

Question 17: How can I get rid of colic fast?

Answer: I don’t believe it works that way. Even the prescription mediation Zantac was ineffective the only way my baby got rid of colic was time. He finally outgrew it at 18 weeks.

Question 18: How can you prevent colic

Answer: If colic was preventable,  I think the person who invented the solution would be very rich.

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