8 Lessons I Learned While Trying to Conceive

Trying to conceive (TTC) is a time filled with roller coaster emotions. It’s important to realize that everyone’s TTC journey is different. As well takes place at their own pace.

The following is a list of pearls of wisdom I picked up while trying to conceive:

1. Planning the perfect conception

No matter how prepared to try to conceive you are, it may still not go to plan.

I spent weeks getting myself into tip top health. Including losing weight, eating well and taking supplements diligently. I even created my own personalized fertility plan and diet. You can’t beat the focus I had!

My perfect plan was going so smooth, and I was about to enter my first cycle to try to conceive. Suddenly, BOOM! I had hit a massive road block.

I got sick, with a bad infection. The infection completely derailed my plans and hard work. All in all, I ended up on 5 different types of antibiotics. The antibiotics alongside the infection put my own health in peril and made an abrupt stop of my plan to try to conceive.

I eventually overcame my health crisis to get back on track. Far from perfect.

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2. The possibility of early loss

Early pregnancy loss can happen. Statistically 50-70 percent of all miscarriages happen around weeks 3-4. It is so early that it can happen before you are even aware that you are pregnant.

I had an early loss where I tested positive on a First Response Early Response home pregnancy test. It was then a couple day later when I was at the doctors office, I tested negative.

This is called a chemical pregnancy. Chemical pregnancies happen when you test positive and then days later symptoms disappear. Upon subsequent testing, results test negative. In fact changes from a positive test to negative usually happens before confirmation of a positive pregnancy by ultrasound or physician.

3. Get FREE Help!

Yes, there is free help in the world of trying to conceive. I recommend downloading free a fertility app. There are many apps out there with pros and cons to each.

Trying to figure out ovulation timing or temperature charts may seem like a daunting task at first. Granted there is a bit of learning to these techniques. Thankfully these informative apps help simplify the process.

They have a great deal of data input and information. As well, the apps are easily navigated and user friendly.

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In addition there are numerous trying to conceive forums on the internet. Information and interaction from other moms and moms-to-be are priceless in these group chats.

4. Be gentle

Be kind to yourself. As you encounter speed bumps along the way its easy to get frustrated, panicked and discouraged.

With too much stress, your regular ovulation and reproductive cycle can get thrown off. This is why couples who go on vacation, adopt, or sign up for fertility treatment finally get their positive shortly after!

5. In the mood for love

I want to “baby dance” he doesn’t. He wants to “baby dance”, I dont. Successful conception is really all about timing. But this can be one of the greatest challenging you may face when trying to conceive.

Maybe your partner is at work, maybe you are at work? Perhaps the mood isn’t quite right. That’s OK. Its normal. It’s life. Just embrace the times you have together, and enjoy every moment.

It’s easy to get caught up with the “we must do it on these days only” mentality. Always remember love is natural and shouldn’t be forced.

6. Help with cycle interpretation

Alongside the free apps, comes add on features for purchase. I dont find a need to purchase any additional add on features in the apps I use. The free version to apps are effective and useful enough.

With that said, there are some features that may be worth spending the extra money on. Additional feature help may bring your knowledge to the next level.

These features mainly include access to even more data. They may including but are not limited to:

  • Automatic OPK interpretation
  • Detailed cycle interpretation
  • Additional tools for analysis
  • Fertile status displays
  • Emailed fertility reports
  • VIP forum access

7. Adjuncts to help when trying to conceive

Along with spending money on app features you may find yourself spending money on testing adjuncts.

These can include:

Depending on the type of pregnancy test, they can get expensive (digital early pregnancy tests for example). Same goes for the First Response Early Response tests.

If you find yourself a chronic tester. I recommend the internet cheapie types like Wondfo or Easy@home brand. They lack the bells and whistles but are nearly as effective.

If you use a lot of ovulation tests, to keep the price down I also recommend the internet cheapie types. They come in brands like Wondfo or Easy@home. Buying cheap in bulk helps if you do hormone progression charting or simply an avid and enthusiastic tester

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8. It’s all natural

Fertility and family planning is natural and will happen on its own time. Despite if you are 100% ready, know when you ovulated to a T, conception in the end is up to nature.

Happy TTC journey 💛


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