Guide to Surviving your Two Week Wait (TWW)


If there is one thing all women in the two week wait have in common, its a fair share of anxiety. To pass the time we join online two week wait discussion groups and scrutinize symptoms endlessly . We commiserate and rejoice with our fellow sisterhood who share in the similar roller coaster of emotions.

With that aside, the two week wait also come with wonderment and possibility. As truly, nothing is more exciting then coming into the testing window. As such, getting that very very faint line (vvfl) of a big fat positive (BFP) pregnancy test.

When does the two week wait (TWW) start?

The TWW starts the day after ovulation. The day after ovulation is then charted as ” (1,2 etc) days post ovulation” or DPO.

Days past ovulation starts from day 1, up until the beginning of your your next period.

There are many different methods that track and monitor ovulation.

Some ways include:

6 Ways to Track Ovulation

Top two week wait symptoms

The body goes through many changes immediately following conception. Some of us have more symptoms then others. So try to not compare yourself to other women as each pregnancy is uniquely different.

Symptom tracking can help make sense of the TWW. In fact, keeping track of these changes in symptoms is easy with the help of fertility tracking apps.

List of the top two week wait symptoms:

  • Mood and or energy changes
  • Spotting (implantation bleeding)
  • Cervical fluid changes (dry, sticky, creamy, watery & fertile “egg-white”
  • Backache, headache, body aches
  • Nausea and or vomiting
  • Bloated and or gas
  • Constipation, or loose stool
  • Cramps, ovulation pain ( either side), pelvic pain
  • Decreased or increased appetite, cravings
  • PMS symptoms
  • Skin break outs
  • Tender breasts, sore nipples
  • Increased urination
  • Increased or decreased sex drive

What not to during the TWW?

It’s wise to refrain from doing anything you wouldn’t do while pregnant during the TWW. What you choose to avoid is personally up to you.

However the following list is my top things to avoid during the two week wait:

  • Hot tubs. I avoid hot tubs as research shows a correlation between hot water exposure and early pregnancy and neural tube defects in the baby.
  • Alcohol. Yes, that means wine too
  • Caffeine. Due to the link between miscarriage and caffeine, I cut it out 100%
  • Raw milk and Raw cheeses. I avoid all unpasteurized dairy to reduce ingestion of disease causing microbes.
  • To much stress. If I find myself overwhelmed by negative stress I take big deep breaths and do my best to relax.

How to keep yourself occupied during the TWW

Waiting is the most brutal part of trying to conceive and the two week wait. You are not alone with stewing and analyzing every single symptom, and counting down until testing day. Nonetheless to pass the time, you may as well keep yourself occupied and your mind busy as nothing will change the waiting window.

Looking for something to do? The following is a list of daily distractions to help pass the time:

Two Week Wait Diary: day-by-day symptoms with a positive pregnancy result

The following is an example of what an actual two week wait is like. This diary includes symptoms, daily notes from ovulation day, to days past ovulation (DPO). Concluding with the final result.

waiting for ovulation day humour meme

28/01/18 Cycle day 16 [Ovulation Day]

Today is ovulation day! After-all it was confirmed by a positive OPK test. In addition, there has been a major drop in my charted basal body temperature (BBT). In-fact it dropped by a whole half a degree Celsius.

Symptoms: Watery cervical mucous. I am bloated, and have ovulation pain in my left side.

29/01/18 Cycle day 17 [ 1 day post ovulation ]

1 DPO. Finally! We are now in the two week wait. 😍

I tested positive on another OPK test in the morning. My basal body temperature (BBT) took a massive upswing from baseline today. Its up 1.3 degree Celsius from yesterday.

Symptoms: My only symptom is left sided ovulation pain.

30/01/18 Cycle day 18 [ 2 days post ovulation ]

Today I had a negative OPK, this was as expected. My BBT was the same as yesterday, still hanging out above cycle baseline.

Symptoms: Creamy cervical fluid, and feeling gassy.

31/01/18 Cycle day 19 [ 3 days post ovulation ]

Yet another negative OPK test. I will stop testing for LH after today. After all, the temperature charting and OPK pretty much confirmed ovulation has come and gone. BBT is steady and the same temperature as yesterday.

Symptoms: Creamy cervical fluid, a backache, fatigue, and gassy.

01/02/18 Cycle day 20 [ 4 days post ovulation ]

BBT is steady, no changes from yesterday. Which is exactly where I want to see it. Moreover, the wait continues.

Symptoms: Creamy cervical fluid, cramps, and feeling gassy.

02/02/18 Cycle day 21 [ 5 days post ovulation ]

BBT went up by .1 degree Celsius today. That’s great to see! I am now starting to see the chart swing on it’s way up. I hope it stays up there, for 9 months now!

Symptoms: Today, I have a sudden change in symptoms. Overall I have had multiple new symptoms. They include watery cervical fluid, cramps, diarrhea, frequent urination, gassy, increased appetite, and ovulation type pain.

03/02/18 Cycle day 22 [ 6 days post ovulation ]

Up another .2 degree Celsius. Excellent!

Symptoms: All in all, no notable cervical fluid today. Presently symptoms are bloating, fatigue, gassy, feeling sick, and an increased appetite.

04/02/18 Cycle day 23 [ 7 days post ovulation ]

BBT climbed another .2 degrees Celsius today. Coping with the two week wait is killing me!

Symptoms: Creamy cervical fluid, bloated, cramps, and gassiness.

05/02/18 Cycle day 24 [ 8 days post ovulation ]

I climbed another .2 degree Celsius today. In fact now I am sitting at 37 degrees on my BBT chart. Ordinarily I would wait a couple more days to take a pregnancy test. But I have been having such a varying list of symptoms.

In fact I am just way too excited, so I took a pregnancy test. Straightaway it came back a glaringly white negative.

Symptoms: Again, no cervical fluid to report. Just bloating, gas, and an increase in appetite.

06/02/18 Cycle day 25 [ 9 days post ovulation ]

Today is 9 days post ovulation. I observed a .2 degree Celsius dip today.

This is implantation day! According to BBT charting, implantation can show as a dip in temperature. This is then followed by further elevation in temperature. Sow now just sitting here — waiting impatiently to re-test 😒

Symptoms: No cervical fluid to report. Just cramps and an acne breakout

07/02/18 Cycle day 26 [ 10 days post ovulation ]

BBT rose again up .2 degrees and I am back to sitting at 37. I am guessing that indeed I implanted yesterday. Fertility charting for the win!

Symptoms: Just creamy cervical fluid otherwise, symptom free today. This has me worried. Where did all my symptoms go 😞

08/02/18 Cycle day 27 [ 11 days post ovulation ]

11 Days post ovulation, and out of the blue decided to test for pregnancy late at night while I was at work. I had ovulation type pains today, but no other symptoms. So I basically decided to test out of desperation. Already, I think I am out for this month.

I have one cheap internet style pregnancy test with me. After taking the test, I then wait a couple minutes. I didn’t even peak, as I already figure because of my drop off in symptoms, I am out for this month.

Casually I examine it. And in an instant see that very very faint line (vvfl). Straightaway, as soon as I saw it, I was overcome with joy.

But then doubt set in. Was this an evaporation line? The line did up looking a little weird. I start questioning my own eye sight. Was it line eye? Since I was at work, I only had one test. I couldn’t retest until the morning when my shift was over and I was home. From then on I worked the longest 12 hour shift of my life.

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09/02/18 Cycle day 27 [ 11 days post ovulation ]

Today I tested positive again on a pregnancy test. I continued to test for pregnancy every day afterwards. Some times twice a day to make sure the line was still there. From then on, from 11 days post ovulation, daily test kept getting darker and darker.

Aunt flo meme humour

Tracking hormone progression with OPKs and pregnancy tests

What I learned from tracking my two week wait

I survived the roller coaster of emotion, which is the two week wait. In such, I learned that signs and symptoms can change every day. Because of this, its best not to jump to conclusions that you are out before you are really out aka aunt flow visits.

To summarize, no matter the outcome, you are not alone. Reach out to support groups, get occupied, and embrace the test no matter if its positive or negative.

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