Read this Before Taking Unprescribed Clomid for Twins

Buying clomid for twins online

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Many healthy, fertile women are seeking out the fertility prescription medication Clomid. After all, they have one goal in mind, and that’s to try to conceive twins through any means possible. The thought of twins appeal to woman who believe twins are a blessing. Or for their pregnancy they get “two for the price of one”. Its a fact that twins have been an object of fascination since the beginning of time.

As a result woman will do most anything to increase their chances of conceiving twins. They may lie to their doctors about their current ability to get pregnant or fertility. They may even go as far as to purchase disreputable sourced Clomid online.

Where to get unprescribed Clomid?

There has been an increase in the popularity of trying to conceive twins though unprescribed fertility medication. This has made a market for the the general public. Accessing sources has never been easier. However, this is not safe, and not legal in most countries.

With that said not hard find online pharmacies and laboratories selling the fertility drug. Online illegal pharmacies, make access to medications accessible to anyone. The general public can contact these foreign pharmacies, or underground domestic laboratories and shop for nearly anything.

Not only that, but there is solicitation of these sources through online trying to conceive communities. Especially in the question and answer forums where there is often links to purchase Clomid online.

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Pharmaceutical tourism

In addition to online sources, there are some countries that have open pharmacies. These walk in pharmacies make drugs available without the need for prescriptions. You can walk in and out with whatever drug you want.

There is no guidance of a medical professional in charge of your care. These drugs are often at a lower cost and are pharmaceutical grade.

Effects of accessible unprescribed fertility medication

Buy Clomid for twins online
Underground Lab Clomid

As a result of easy access to Clomid, how has this had an effect on the numbers of multiple births world wide? This is a statistic that will never be available. And for the most part, I assume most physicians do not even know of its popularity.

In part, it is up to the women to divulge to their physician that they used unprescribed Clomid. I believe there is a lot of secrecy among women involved in taking unprescibed fertility drugs. This subject is highly taboo. In such the numbers of recorded twins use will never be statistically known.

Dangers of underground labs or foreign pharmacies

If you want to search for sources of Clomid, be aware of associated dangers and legalities. In particular underground laboratories, and over sea pharmacies do not have safety regulations in place.

There is no way to know quality control measures involved in drug manufacturing. And because of this you will never know what you have ordered. The dose can be ineffective, or overdosed. The product might even be a total fake. In such, this practice of ordering pharmaceuticals online is extremely dangerous.

With that said, the dangers will never be enough to stop some women from seeking online sourced fertility medication. If you do end up with pharmacy grade Clomid, it is a powerful fertility drug. Alongside, it has some major side effects especially if taken unregulated and unmonitored by a physician.

Will I get twins by taking Clomid?

Clomid is a powerful fertility drug. However the actual data on whether taking it will get you twins is hard to put into statistics. It is difficult to estimate numbers of Clomid twins as there are too many variables in data. This makes the evidence for the most part empirical.

As an estimate, natural spontaneous twin pregnancies happen 1%–1.35% of the time. Furthermore natural triplet pregnancies occur at a rate of 0.01%–0.017%.

Generally speaking the chances of getting pregnant with twins on Clomid is 10-20 times higher the natural rate. It is an estimated range from 7.5%– 29% chance of conceiving twins. This number can be altered with other risk factors for multiples. These risks include age, race, family history, weight, and number of previous pregnancies to name a few.

Dangers to the mom and baby associated with twins

A side effect of Clomid considered negative in the medical community is conception with multiple gestation’s (twins triplets etc). This is due to increased risks for the mother and baby. Furthermore it comes with major financial demands.

Complications for the mother can include but not limited to:
  • Higher rate of cesarean section 20%–76%
  • High blood pressure 9%–20%
  • Anemia 2.4%–8.0%
  • Bleeding after pregnancy (placenta previa, abruptio placenta) 0.3%–0.7%
  • Premature ruptured membranes 1.5%
  • Polyhydramnios ( excess fluid in gestational sac) 0.3%
Complications for the baby can include and not limited to:
  • Preterm delivery of twins and its associated consequences
  • 11.8% of twins 36.7% of triplets 64.5% of quadruplets 78.6% of quintuplets were delivered before 32 completed weeks of gestation

Cost of twin and triplet delivery

The following is the estimated cost of delivery in 2019. Due to the added staffing demands, possible surgical and NICU interventions, the cost of delivery goes up exponentially.

Single delivery is $16,197

Twins, the cost of delivery is $62,430

Triplets, the cost of delivery is $180,585

Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome

Taking unprecribed unmonitored Clomid can cause a serious side effect. Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHS). OHS is a potentially life threatening condition that can affect previously healthy woman. It can cause women to need hospitalization due to leakage of fluid into the ovaries and abdominal cavity.

Symptoms of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome include:

  • Abdominal/pelvic pain and pressure
  • Build up of fluid- resulting in shortness of breath
  • Disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC- excessive clotting)
  • Renal function impairment (kidney problems)
  • Thrombosis (blood clots)

Notably, there is no treatment for ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. Just hospitalization and supportive care for symptoms. The syndrome will typically resolve it symptoms after 7-10 days. However if you do end up getting pregnant during this time, symptoms may draw out further and even get worse.

Clomid adverse side effects

The medication Clomid has side effects that may negatively impact conception. Cervical mucus and endometrial linings quality could be decreased. This is due to the medications estrogenic effects. In the end a reduced hospitable environment could decrease the changes of pregnancy.

In conclusion

There is a market for unprescibed Clomid. Women are taking it to increase the chances of twins. Whether the source or the medication is real and properly dosed, it’s a dangerous game to play with your own fertility. There are copious amounts of underground scammers looking to take advantage of online buyers. It is important to realize and be aware of fake labs, and fake pharmacies. And finally protect yourself and your health.

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