Trying to Conceive Twins Week 1 Diary

TTC Twins supplements list

Trying to conceive twins week 1 … STARTS NOW! We are entering very exciting times, well worth the wait.

Reflecting on my 9 Week Prep

After some ups and downs, I finally completed my 9 week preparation to get myself in better health to start trying to conceive. During those weeks I lost a total of 4.6lbs. By all means I am not too proud, as that’s falling quite short of my goal to get to a healthy BMI.

My diet plan was good and I enjoyed the food. But unfortunately did not stay on plan 100%. Though I was not too far off on most days, and I did not gain weight, my goal was not met.

Supplements were very easy to adhere to. However, there was an unexpected unwanted addition. Prescription antibiotics. In fact I need 5 different antibiotic prescriptions. In short I had a very bad infection, and it impacted my health and TTC journey negativity. This set my plan back by a couple weeks until I was healthy again and in such, did not adhere to the diet or exercise plan well.

Currently I am back to full health and playing catch up for lost time. I am now 37 years old and time is costing me my fertility.


Supplements and Medications

trying to conceive twins supplements list
Pre natal, folic acid, digestive enzymes, vitamin D, Fish oil

Rational for increased Folic Acid dose while TTC

Studies show that taking a higher dose of folic acid supplements:

  • Creates better quality eggs
  • More mature eggs are created at higher doses
  • Correlates to lower incidences of infertility
  • Lower risk of pregnancy loss
  • Lowers frequency of anovulation (cycles where no egg is released)
  • Shorter time to pregnancy when TTC

In addition to these benefits, I will be supplementing with folic acid for the obvious reason, prevention of neural tube defects.

Folic Acid at high dose to increase chance of conceiving twins?

Rational for the OMEGA 3 Fish oil supplement

Studies point to a diet high in long chain omega 3 fatty acids, poly unsaturated fats, and in high linoleic acid (fish, nuts, eggs olive oil etc) at improving fertility. This is especially in contrast to a diet consuming foods high in trans fats (popcorn, cake, baked goods etc). High trans fat diets have a link to reduced fertility.

Rational for the vitamin D supplement

Vitamin D is not normally needed as an additional dietary supplement. However I am living in a climate where there is a major reduction of sun exposure and natural light. Because of this, my country advises vitamin D supplementation year round for all adults. For pregnant women they suggest 1000 IU daily.

Studies point to vitamin D deficiencies having a negative impact on fertility. This is due to uterine hypoplasia, anovulation, and impaired follicular development. So to avoid these major complications, I add the recommended vitamin D supplement.


Well ladies, big surprise here! To begin week 1 of my TTC twins plan, I weighed in at 182lbs. That’s a total loss of 6lbs since starting my weight loss a couple weeks ago. I am happy that the scale is down. I am even starting to get noticed for my weight loss efforts by friends and family.

Going forward, I am still determined to get to a healthy BMI. And while trying to conceive will only encourage me to get healthier. I am well aware of the fertility benefits of being at a healthy weight and in such, pained at my current weight. Recently I had some photos taken of me. I was pretty disappointed in myself. At the same time now, determined to keep my goal in sight and work harder than ever.

TTC Twins Meal Plan

Week one of TTC Twins prep sparked a major meal plan/diet change. Fed up with stubborn ultra slow weight loss, I have decided to make a major shift in my diet.

Plainly said, I am going low carb/keto. There seems to be a lot of evidence based benefits to low carb/keto approach for fertility. This is for many reasons. As eating a diet high in poly unsaturated fats have a positive effect on fertility. After all studies show unsaturated fats improve egg quality and implantation. While conversely, saturated fats promote insulin resistance and that negativity impacts ovulation function.

Another rational for eating a low carb/keto diet while trying to conceive is that diets high in carbohydrates/sugars lead to dyslipidemia and insulin resistance. This thereby causes hormonal and ovulatory disorders.

Studies show that in overweight women who eat a high protein diet had improved menstrual cyles. This is due to reducing androgen levels in the body. As well improves insulin sensitivity and weight loss. This low insulin, low trans fat style diet is even recommended to women undergoing fertility treatment. So I figure I would adopt the same diet that doctors recommend.

As for caffeine. I am back to being a coffee addict. I believe caffeine has an impact on early miscarriages. So when I enter CD 1 I will cut it out cold turkey. The same goes for alcohol. Although I do not drink much, I do imbibe time to time. So starting now, I will not consume any.

Cycle phase

Last cycle had me shocked. Out of no where I ovulated days early. This early ovulation came out of no where. I randomly started testing at cycle day 11. And boom. Instant positive on the OPK. I had egg white cervical mucus a couple days before, but disregarded it because that was super early for me. I just thought of it as a one off.

So let this be a lesson for us all. Especially those who singularly track on just an app. Your surge happens at your bodies on pace and can not be predicted with precision with just the calendar method.

Today is CD 22. And so I am far from fertile. I have never been so excited to get AF. I will be going without contraception from this day out.

Life and other randomness

Week 1 of TTC Twins, I start at 37 years old. Or in other terms – advanced maternal age. I am trying to not be overly concerned about fertility issues yet, or low egg reserve. Or any other complications that may arise from problems associated with an older egg supply for that matter.

So with that said. Cycle 1 mental health game strong.

Spring is here, sort of. At least some ones confirmed fertile here, and that’s my chickens! Great egg layers giving me delicious breakfasts daily. They even survived a spring blizzard, in which I had to dig the chicken coop out of the snow.

Chicken coop buried in snow
Snowed in Coop
Collecting chicken eggs with baby
Egg Collecting

I took my baby to baby swimming lessons. It was the best time yet. Lots of giggles and fun family time.

To welcome in summer, and keep active in the back yard, I started a garden and compost. It however is still too cold to transplant my poor leggy seedlings.

I even discovered a way to incorporate used diapers into my potted plants and garden. The diaper gel inside the disposable diapers get mixed into the soil. This makes the soil hold more water and slowly release it to the roots when the plant needs it. I mixed a couple pots of dense dirt with the polymer gel, as seen in the photo below. And whola! hydrophilic dirt!

Disposable diaper filling gel used in soil
Using diaper filling for better quality soil

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