TTC Twins Diary: Week 2

prenatal soy isoflavone

First cycle TTC, week 2


Supplements and Medications

This week there are some major change ups with my supplements. Most notably is the addition of soy isoflavone on cycle days 3-7. The soy isoflavone will be used as a natural alternative to the prescription fertility medication Clomid.

Goats Rue supplementation has been completely taken out for now. As well this cycle does not have any Red Raspberry leaf supplementation.

List of current supplements

ttc twins weekly supplements
My TTC supplements

Changes in Folic Acid dose

My doctor recommended that I take 5mg of Folic Acid a day now. This is due to last month being on the antibiotic medication Bactrim. Bactim is an antifolate drug that has a side effect of reducing overall stores of folate in the body. So encase I conceive this cycle, this level of supplementation will hopefully be enough to bring my levels back up optimally.

This higher dose of folic acid also is a benefit to my TTC twins plan. As studies show that higher levels of folate is found to be an influencing factor for the rate of twin pregnancies .


Adding in Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10 is a new supplement I have not used before. I’ve decided to add it because of the many benefits while TTC. Some of the benefits of taking coenzyme Q10 include:

  • More follicles
  • Greater endometrial thickness
  • Higher clinical pregnancy rate

Addition of Soy Isoflavones Cycle day 3-7

Some benefits of taking soy isoflavones:

  • Soy Isoflavone supplements (120mg/d) have been shown to increase live birth rates (36.7% versus 13.6%)
  • The odds of achieving a live birth are 77% higher for women with the highest intake of soy isoflavones
  • Increase in endometrial thickness

Soy Isoflavones are also used as a natural alternative to the prescription fertility medication Clomid. The length of time taking the supplement mimics the same length as a Clomid cycle.


Addition of Vitamin B12

Studies show that women with high daily vitamin B12 intake were significantly more likely to conceive twins. I also added this vitamin in because I’ve been feeling low energy lately. I’ve substantially decreased my caffeine intake. I hope this supplement gives me a bit of energy.

Weigh in

Starting weight of the TTC Twins prep was 188lbs. Today I weighed 179.1. Total weight loss of 8.9lbs. So that means I finally met my mini goal of being under 180lb! My next mini goal is to be under 169lbs.

TTC Twins Diet Plan

Going low carb/keto has really put a fire under my slow weight loss. The scale was going down, but not at a great rate. So I am glad I finally am on the fast track to getting to a healthy weight again. Currently I am not counting calories, or have a specific daily diet plan. I just stay away from sugar, grains, and high amounts of fruits.

To rid my diet of my caffeine dependency, I cut out my morning two daily espressos. The first day I had the worst painful headache. That slowly went away over the next couple of days. I replaced this habit with milk kefir drinks daily.

Cycle Phase

I am shocked and confused. Last month I had a very short 24 day cycle with ovulation day happening on cycle day 11. It was confirmed with OPKs and and ovulation pains. I have consistently had 29 -30 day cycles, with ovulation happening on cycle day 15 or 16.

This short cycle has me questioning everything… Is this my reserve failing? Is this my decline of fertility? Can my luteal phase even support a pregnancy? Why is my cycle so short. So many questions. Zero answers.

Today I am on cycle day 10. Negative opk. Steady basal body temperature on my temp chart, and watery cervical mucus. So no signs that tomorrow is ovulation day, but I was ambushed last month. We will see what tomorrow brings.

Life and other randomness

Over all mental heath is suffering this week. I feel  a lot of pressure put on myself. My weight has finally caught up to me as I fit barely in only one pair of non maternity shorts. And one non maternity tank top.

I refuse to wear any more of my maternity clothing if I am not pregnant. The ribbing is an embarrassing give a way. By wearing sweatpants and old maternity shirts, I am only enabling myself by not getting into a healthier shape.

 Same mentality about conceiving multiples going forward. If I conceive twins it will be a blessing, but I welcome any healthy pregnancy.

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