TTC Twins Diary: 10DPO FRER test results, am I pregnant?

results are in frer 10dpo

Cycle and testing update for the first month TTC. Join me as I symptom spot during my days past ovulation, and finally get an answer with a First Response Early Response (FRER) pregnancy test.

I took the following supplements this cycle to TTC twins naturally:

My diet remains low carb/keto. I continue to focus on weight-loss.

Cycle day 8

I had egg white cervical fluid today, which means I am coming into my fertile period. This throws me off my regular track. I usually ovulate a bit later in my cycle (around cycle day 17) . This means I may ovulate early again this month.

Cycle days 9-11

Negative OPKs and one day of sticky cervical fluid. On CD 11 I took an OPK late at night and it started to look a bit darker. I am panicking I am ovulating any day now. This is very early for me.

Cycle day 12

Egg white cervical fluid today and a positive OPK. The OPK is as dark as the control line. I also had a dip in my basal body temperature.

I have had ovulation cramps on my right side, and maybe a bit on my left. BD today, thank goodness my husband came home from work early, otherwise I would have missed the window this month!

Cycle day 13 ( Ovulation day)

Basal body temperature is still low today. And the OPK is darker than the control line. Today I hit my peak LH surge. I have ovulation pains again on the right side. Today is the day I ovulated.

I was also able to BD once in the morning and once in the evening.

1-6 days past ovulation

Negative OPK on cycle day 14. Days of creamy cervical fluid. One day of bloating. But other than that, no other symptoms.

7 days past ovulation (Implantation day)

Today I had a dip in the basal body temperature chart. As well as irritability, constipation and a sharp ovulation type cramp on my right side. Is this implantation day?

I took an Easy@home pregnancy test at 7dpo and it was stark white

8 days past ovulation

First thing this morning, I took an First Response Early Response (FRER) pregnancy test at 8 dpo and it was stark white negative. Super depressed. I think I am out. I should have had a positive by now, especially with an FRER. My only symptom today is constipation. Well isn’t that great :/

9 days past ovulation

Basal body temperature is back up to an elevated level. No signs an no symptoms today. I figure I am out for this month. Very depressed. I went out and purchased a two pack of FRER, and ordered two more off of amazon for next month.

I took another FRER at 9dpo in the evening and it was a stark white. A blaring BFN. Darn it. I cried a bit, and figured Ill just try again next month. No other symptoms to report.

10 days past ovulation

I woke up today and used one of my Easy@home pregnancy tests with first morning urine. As it dried I swear I see a vvvvvvvvvfl or dark shadow. I have the epitome of line eye. I had one FRER test left so during my second morning urine I caved and used it.

And right away I see an unmistakable very faint line. I am excited but cautiously optimistic as I had an early pregnancy loss (chemical pregnancy) before. I tell my husband the good news. And will get my betas done tomorrow.

Of course immediately after I tested positive I had nausea. Maybe it was just a queezy stomach due to excitement. I hope this line progresses… and maybe I will even get a pleasant surprise in the ultrasound!

Stay tuned for an update in my next blog post and follow my TTC Twins journey.

Basal Body Temperature Chart for this TTC Cycle

BBT positive pregnancy, ovulation dip, implatation dip, flat temp, triphasic pattern
Positive Pregnancy! BBT Chart with ovulation dip, implantation dip, steady temps, and triphasic pattern

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Ovulation LH line progression and a VFL on a 10DPO FRER

10DPO VFL on a FRER after a BFN 9 DPO

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