TTC Twins Diary: Update after CD 10 FRER VFL

In my last diary post on CD 10 I did a morning pregnancy test. Results were a very faint line (VFL) on a First response Early Response (FRER) and Easy@home pregnancy test.

Interestingly, my serum beta HCG at 10 days past ovulation was 10. I thought my beta HCG was a bit low to be showing positives on home pregnancy tests. Never the less, I guess that’s how sensitive they truly are.

However even though I had a VFL, I tried to not get too excited. I have had previous chemical pregnancies that ended up in an early loss. The chemical pregnancies happened even after a positive digital.

(A chemical pregnancy is a loss that happens early in pregnancy before confirmation with ultrasound. It is where there is slowly rising HCG that may even be seen as a postive on a pregnancy test. This positive HCG is then followed by a sudden decline to zero)

I am happy to update and say that my lines have been getting progressively darker. Below is my FRER VFL cycle day 10, with a line progression to 16 dpo.

FRER VFL progression

FRER 10 dpo VFL progression
Easy@home 10 dpo progression

Cycle day 9 I had a stark white First Response Early Response and truly believed I was out for this cycle of TTC. However he next morning, I took an Easy@home pregnancy test and got the faintest shadow. Right after without a hold, I tested on the FRER and put it away in a bathroom drawer without even looking at it. I didn’t feel like scrutinizing for a faint line like I was doing the previous day.

I let a couple minutes pass and went to glance at it. To my surprise, there was a clear as day positive line. I did repeat testing daily. At 16dpo or cycle day 29, I got my darkest positives.

Today is now 27dpo or cycle day 40. Last Friday I was at the doctors and got lab work done for another beta serum HCG. Results of that come in Monday.

Ultrasound next?…

Unfortunately, my ultrasound isn’t until I am 8 weeks 4 days. This is so late for me. When I made the appointment the tech refused to see me sooner, even with my early losses. She claimed to me that nothing would be seen otherwise.

That is a total lie. Plus she doesn’t do the diagnostic part of it. So I got very annoyed, but as of now nothing is going to change that date. There is no private ultrasounds in my province either (no thanks Canada 😒) Socialized health care isn’t all that its cracked up to be.


As for symptoms, I have been nauseous, sore stomach, but no vomiting. I am also tired, but also have a poorly sleeping 8 month old at the moment. I am not going to judge whether I may have conceived twins through my beta hcg numbers, as high HCG is not always indicative of twins. Only the ultrasound will tell.

Stay tuned for the next update.

21 thoughts on “TTC Twins Diary: Update after CD 10 FRER VFL

  1. Hi Jen Russell,
    Im so exited I have finally found someone who has TTC Twins the same time as me. Im in New Zealand and this in def strange thing to do for most woman he he he. I did do a successful boy sawy in 2016.
    So here is a bit about me-
    Me 34
    Huby 32
    Son 2.9
    Im 5’11 tall and 76kg about 7kgs heaver that before son
    Good eggs reserved
    OV on day 13

    This is my sway below im on day 4 today-

    3 months prep-EMP 2000mg, Folic acid 1600, COQ-10 160mg, DHA 830mg Omega3 inc 400i.u D3, Barly Grass Carrot Red Bet drink, Folate 2000mg

    Day 1- Positive pregnancy test B6 100mg, prenatal, 5600 folic acid or Folate, baby aspirin 100mg
    Day 2- OV(Day 14?) 3000mg EPO
    Day 2 – Day9 540mg of black cohosh (2 every 12 hrs)
    Day 6-10 Tribulus 1 ,000mg morning and night
    Day 9 – OV Mucinex
    Day 10 – Day14 plus 2 more Black Cohosh(3 every 12 hrs)
    Soy Isoflavones Day- 2-6 starting at 200 finishing on 300
    This lady had a succsesfull sway she did
    Soy Iso-
    Day1 80mg
    Day 2 am 240mg pm 80mg
    Day 3 am 240mg pm 80mg
    Day 4 am 320mg
    Day 5 200mg
    Day 6 200mg
    Day 7 200mg
    Day 8 40mg
    Day 9 120mg
    Day 10 160mg
    Day12 240mg
    Day13 300mg

    Day after ovulation 500mg bromelain for 3 days

    Ideally I would have done a Triger shot at LH surge but you cant get them in NZ and cant ever get them shipped in online.

    1. Thats a great looking supplement plan. If I could do it again I would have definitely increased my soy isoflavone dose. I did consider doing a trigger shot, but was not 100% convinced I needed it. Next time I would also try Clomid. I will find out next week at my ultrasound if my natural supplements helped sway the odds to have multiples.

      1. Great that is so exiting I cant wait to hear how you get on. Yes I was surprised your dose was quite low but mine is maybe on the extreme side. I am having the worst head aces ever Iv been taking the Soy Iso at 8am from 11 till 4 its awful but Im hoping it will pay off. If I get a next mouth to try im going to start SI 320mg on day 1. I see you lost a lot of weight go you!! Thats awsome!

  2. Hi Jen how are you getting on? Im on day 13 today the soy iso was pretty rough with making me headachey but Iv got there. My LH surge has come today so we are planning on BD tomorrow. fingers crossed. I am a bit paranoid about getting for than 2 or 3.
    I hope you are doing well and getting exited allot your scan.

    1. Hi Susan, I had my scan, and I am scheduled this Monday to go talk with my Doctor about the results. I will do a big update post after I get all the information from her. Thanks for your thoughts!

  3. Hey Jen just an update here- I’m 12 days past O and still no BFP 😬. This two weeks is very very slow but with my boy I don’t get a BFP till I was 2 weeks after I missed my period so 🤞.

    1. I will have my fingers crossed for you as well!! The two week wait is rough, but also very exciting. Some people do get there BFPs later. I know with my son I was negative at the doctors office with their tests until I was a week and a half late.

  4. Hi Jen no luck this month I wasn’t expecting that at all with my boy we hot him fist try. Now I have to decide quickly what I do differently this next cycle. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. It depends if you want to try all natural supplementation, or get help with fertility medication. Since you track when you ovulate you have that already going well for you. If I could do it again, I would do 3g of folic acid a day and 300mg of soy isoflavone cycle day 2-6 at the very least. Next time I would also do Clomid 50mg cycle day 2-6. What I have researched is that there is actually a higher probability of twins taking the estrogen enhancers cd 2-6 and 1-5 rather than cd 3-7.

  5. It’s quite annoying here in New Zealand there is no way of getting Clomd over the counter I would have to wait at least a month to get into see a specialist privately and even then they may not want to give me medication even if I’m paying for it myself. Very frustrating system.
    I have been taking 5000 mg of folate for the last month.
    I think I will try and do soy 1-5 320mg

    1. That seems like a good regime. I also have read on a medical research site about vitamin d12 supplementation as well as the high dose folic acid.

  6. Okay I’ll add that to my list to then.
    The soy was interesting last month I didn’t get any O pains and it extended my cycle from 26days to 30.
    I’m sure where ladies that have success in TTCT it always seems to be with an HCG shot.
    If I can get something from the specialist for the following month Ill try and get Letrozole iv read it had a higher twin rate 5 to 10% apparently.

    1. I’ve read Letrozole has a lower twinning rate and that is why its preferred by some specialist… to actually keep the risk of multiples down. Gonadotropins have an even higher rate than Clomid and Letrozole, but what I know of them is they are very expensive. Would you need the trigger shot though if you ovulate well enough on your own? I guess the idea is to have the Hcg shot bring about hyperovulation. I need to do more research on HCg.

  7. Iv never heard of Gonad but it in on the NZ drug list so it must be available I’ll have to look into it. I thought the same as you on the HCG it just seems there is more successes in twin swaying with the shot.
    I wondered with the extra soy from day 6 on that I took if I actually over did it and it was to much?.
    How are you getting on?

    1. I honestly think it was too much. It’s supposed to be taken the way Clomid is. 6 days max. I never got a solid answer from my physician on what was seen on my ultrasound at 7 weeks. There is one baby for sure, but then in a separate area was either an empty sac or a subchorionic hemmorage. I was told that it wasnt documented where it was in relation to the forming placenta, or what it measures. I was denied another ultrasound until 12 weeks when I see maternal fetal medicine. The second “sac” or bleed doesn’t look healthy, and I swear on the photo you can make out a yolk sac. I haven’t been bleeding at all. I have been able to hear one heartbeat on my doppler at home since 8 weeks 4 days . In 5 days I’ll be 12 weeks and will be able to get a better and complete diagnosis at my second scan. I wish health care in canada was private as I would have paid anything to get more answers sooner.

  8. Oh my goodness you poor thing it’s juice 2 week wait after another for you! It is so frustrating when you pay your taxes and the service is crap and you can’t do anything about it I really feel for you!! It sounds like the NZ system is very similar to the Canadian one.
    Fantastic that you can hear a heartbeat beat that gives great peace of mind. A friend of mine had something very similar happen to her they called it a growth it was definitely a twin in the early days bud never developed past 4 weeks. They thought the body would have let it go but it actually did keep growing as a mass very slowly but was taking from the placenta to. She birthed a very healthy baby and a little growth that they put under the tree that they planted. They still refer to it as there twin a very happy ending for them.

  9. Hey Jen so I went to my local doctor today that just said no problem I’ll proscribe you some clomid- so I have 10 days worth of 100mg a day. This should do to cycles.
    I’m on day two at the moment yesterday I took 320mg soy but nothing today do you reckon I should take them this cycle? It’s really hard to know what to do. I could also up my dose of clomid to 200mg from day 2-6 I won’t be getting any scans. The doctor causally said oh and you might get twin that will be a blessing. He he.
    Interested to know your thoughts I’m in a little shock I just thought there is no way you could get it from the local doctor here.

    1. How exciting! Sounds like you have a very nice doctor. I would just do 100mg CD 2-6 along with the soy for the same amount of days. You don’t want to take to much and possibly risk ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. Good luck!

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