TTC twins diary: A final update

Yesterday I went to my nuchal translucency (NT) scan appointment to have a closer look at whats going on. Finally I have some answers.

In my previous blog post I talked about my 7 week viability and dating ultrasound. I was given little information to a mysterious dark patch next to the gestational sac. (See ultrasound photo below)

7 weeks 1 day Ultrasound

Ultrasound photo 7 weeks 1 day
Ultrasound 7 weeks 1 day possible subchorionic hematoma

The ultrasound was read by a radiologist who stated a subchorionic hematoma was observed. Its size was approximately 1cm by 1/2cm, and no location was given.

I thought it was a little strange to be so vague with its description since subchorionic hematomas can be lethal to the baby and unpredictable.

I had no bleeding, so be told I have a hemorrhage terrified me.

Now I was left to wonder when is this bleeding going to start? and is this subchorionic hematoma (SCH) going to grow and harm my baby.

I left my appointment told to not worry about it, and its so small it should be gone by next ultrasound.

At home I studied the series of ultrasound photos I received, and even had myself convinced I may have seen a second yolk sac, and perhaps this was actually a disappearing twin. I booked another appointment with my doctor to get some more answers and ask for the bleed to be monitored.

Second opinion and follow up appointment

I saw my family doctor at my next appointment two weeks later. I asked again for more information on the SCH. She told me that she could not tell me where it was in relation to the developing baby or placenta as the radiologist did not report it.

I asked her for another ultrasound to make sure it was not growing. I was having continuous nightmares of massive bleeding, and obsessively checked the toilet paper after wiping every single time.

She said I may as well wait until my next ultrasound at maternal fetal medicine as they would do a better job at measuring it describing it. She also said it will probably be gone by then. So I would not be getting another ultrasound as she stated – it would not change the outcome anyways.

I left the appointment unsatisfied. I know the ultrasound would not change the outcome, but it would give me some peace of mind to know if I was going to expect a miscarriage or other complications.

The long wait until the NT scan ultrasound

I spent a total 5 1/2 grueling weeks waiting to find out what exactly this black patch on the ultrasound is.

Not once did I have any bleeding. However I did have some heavy cramps along the way, especially at night.

To help ease my mind during the wait, I dug out my fetal heart beat doppler. I found the heart beat my first try at 8 weeks 4 days. It was quite low at my pubic line, and took about two minutes to find. I heard it just long enough to call my husband over so he could hear it as well.
That was a relief.

Sonoline fetal doppler

Another fun and positive thing I did was doing the Sneak Peak gender blood test. I did mine at 8 weeks 4 days. The cool thing about this test is you can now take it at 8 weeks for a 99.1 percent accuracy in determining gender. Its ordered online, done at home and results are sent via email very quickly from their lab based in the USA.

We had also had a small family dinner and did a gender reveal cake.

My gender reveal cake

NT scan

I finally had my NT scan. My blood work did not come in correctly from the laboratory at the time of my test. This meant I was not able to get my risk assessment that day from the maternal fetal medicine specialist. Yet again, disappointing from the health care system. I completed my blood work for test weeks prior, but I was not found anywhere in the system as taken the test. As I said before “free heath care” aka socialized health care is not the best. On the way home I drove to the lab again to get it drawn.. again…

The good…

We saw a baby! And he was big. In fact measured a week ahead so now my due date has changed. There is indeed only one. No major or soft markers seen, but still waiting on my blood test results for final review.

The bad…

That damn subchorionic hematoma was still there. And it doubled in size. It has very minimal placental involvement, but that is all the tech could tell me about it. I still have not spoke to a doctor about the results of the scan yet due to the blood test error. Final numbers pending…

NT scan 12 weeks 5 days

I did not success in ttc twins

I am grateful I got pregnant my first month TTC. Especially at my age (37)

Looking back I would have done supplementation differently to sway the odds.

I would have taken a higher dose of the supplement soy isoflavonoid at cycle day 2-6. And I would have taken Clomid if I was going to have difficulty getting pregnant as well, but I never had to go that route.

Weighing in

Finally a positive note, my weight has been under control. Starting this pregnancy my weight was 182lbs. Today at 12 weeks 6 days I weigh in
at 177lbs. That is a 5lb loss by simply eating healthier and not over doing it in calories. I have been very sedentary due to the threat of bleeding from the subchorionic hematoma.

Since I am overweight I plan on gaining only 15-20lbs this pregnancy.

My first pregnancy I went from 144lbs to 215lbs. A 71lb weight gain!

No doctor told me that perhaps I was gaining too much, too quickly. In fact I gained 20lbs in my first trimester alone. I ate such horrible food, in big quantities, and suffered.

Good bye for now

Thank you for following my ttc twins journey. I will end my documenting this pregnancy here as I am carrying just one.

To everyone following their own journey, good luck! and I hope you happy healthy pregnancies.

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