TTC Twins Diary ROUND TWO!!


Hi! Welcome back to my TTC twins diary. I am back for round two!

WARNING: This is an uncensored blog

TTC Twins Diary 2020-03-22:

7 Weeks postpartum.

My husband and I want to start trying to conceive again. However I don’t want to get pregnant this cycle as I am coming off antibiotics for a urinary tract infection.

I’m trying to track my cycles, but they have been all over the place, and I haven’t caught ovulation on OPKs yet.

To get my cycle regular again I have a doctors appointment next week to consult about possible pharmaceuticals to get back on track.

This time I am contemplating between clomid or femara. I will probably go with clomid for a couple cycles, then if not pregnant switch to femara.

Ill be 38 in a couple months, so time is of the essence.

Short term:

  1. Waiting for cycle day 1. So far its unknown when that will be.
  2. 1250 calorie diet to get back to a healthy weight ASAP. Today I am a hefty 191lbs

3 thoughts on “TTC Twins Diary ROUND TWO!!

  1. Congratulations on your baby. How is this round of TTC twins going? I would absolutely love to have twins and would like to find out as much as possible. I plan to start trying in October.

  2. I am 32 years old and currently TTC twins as well! My boyfriend and I have four boys between the two of us so we’re also trying to sway for a girl or girls LOL I am taking a Forever Blessed Cassava supplement, a Nature’s Made Prenatal vitamin, 700mg DHA, 1200mg calcium, 400mg magnesium and a daily woman’s health probiotic.. I need to add a super high dose of folate as well since my prenatal only has 800mcg but I’m nervous to because I’ve read about some people not tolerating all the excessive B vitamins and having liver and/or kidney issues. Going to ask my OBGYN about it. Baby dust to you!! 🙂

    1. Hi Elisabeth,

      How is it all going? Did you get a chance to speak to your OBGYN?

      Hoping and praying for twins too, and looking for people who have been successful with it.

      Kind regards,

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